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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Turbo C uses and drawbacks

 Turbo C is basically a software tool that is used to compile and run C language programs.

Turbo C Uses - 

  1. As an editor for C language coding
  2. To compile and run C programs
  3. Can be used to write Assembly language code inside C program without any separate compilers
  4. Can optimize size of a executable program or fast execution for the same

Turbo C Drawbacks - 

  1. Executable program produce by Turbo C does not run on operating system other than MS-DOS.
  2. It only compiles C programs
  3. Turbo C can not be used to develop real world Applications
  4. Turbo C does not support dynamic loadable modules
  5. Turbo C does not have a good debugger
  6. Memory limitation - Program can only use 64kb of memory that is not sufficient.
  7. No Straightforward way for Network programming.

Although there can be more used or drawback of Turbo C. I have mentioned few of them here.

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