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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How to split same day posts in blogger blog

Creating a blog with good user interface is always mandatory for any blogger. As in blogger there are very limited set of themes available while in Wordpress a large variety of themes are listed.
The most important thing is customization while making our blog. As user interface depends on how you customize your blog.

When we post multiple articles in a day in blogger blog we can see that all the posts are appearing in the same block. But posts with different day has different blocks.Which does not look catchy. Similar to the image given below-

As different day posts appear in different blocks, it looks very bad. It is better to have each post in different blocks rather to increase readability. Find below the demonstration for the same. Take your pick out of the two.

Follow the given steps to split same day posts-

1- Open your dashboard and goto settings->languages and formatting. You will see time stamp appearing like this-

Change the time stamp same as in the image given below- 

After changing the time stamp we need to make some changes in the theme HTML. To make that change, go the dashboard and click on the theme section and you will see this on your screen-

After doing this click on the Edit HTML button and search for the 
and make sure that it is your first search result and copy the code below till . As shown in the image below-

After copying the code replace that code with the code given below-

Find the code in the link given below-

after doing this click on the save theme button and open your blog again and you will see that you have made it as the posts are appearing on the different blocks.

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