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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Structured programming | Advantage | Disadvantage


structured programming does not means programming with structure.It is a programing done by using type of code structures given below-

1-Sequence of sequentially executed statements
2-Conditioanal execution statements (i.e. If ,Else)
3-Looping or iterations (i.e.For,do..while,while)
4-Structured subroutine calls (Functions)

Advantage of structured programming-

1-Complexity can be reduced by dividing the problem in substructures.
2-Structure will give us clear control to the problem
3-Substructures or modules can be used repeatedly
4-Easy to update and add modules

Disadvantage of structured programming-

The main disadvantage of this style of programming is that all decisions are to be made from the start of the project and we know that specification changes by the time so whenever we need to change specification we have a great risk of rewriting a large part of project.

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