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Thursday, 19 November 2020

React-Native static images not loading in iOS - Xcode 12

Static images are not loading in React-Native iOS Application when working with React-Native version 0.60 and above and Xcode 12. This is because of some changes in Image component of React-Native latest version.

To resolve the issue of React-Native image not loading please follow the below steps - 

  • Copy and paste below code to the end of your Podfile - 

pre_install do |installer|
puts("Image fix for ios14: remove this when upgradeing to >= 0.63.3")
find = "_currentFrame.CGImage;"
replace = "_currentFrame.CGImage ;} else { [super displayLayer:layer];"
op = `sed -ie "s/#{find}/#{replace}/"
puts("Image fix for ios14 done")

  • Go to the project directory and run below commands -

     cd ios && pod install

  • Run your application and you will see it's working. 

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