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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How to install python (64-bit) on windows 10

Nowadays Python is one of the most popular languages with a vast amount of libraries present for multiple purposes starting from image processing, machine learning, web development. Python is mostly used in automation. Google has also released a package named tensorflow for python. But it is not compatible with 32-bit python. It is compatible with Python 3.5.x(64-bit) or higher version. So, it is better to have a python version which is compatible with all available packages. 

So, this tutorial is for a 64-bit windows machine in which windows 10 is installed. We will install python 3.5.2 (64-bit).

Step 1- Downloading Python Executable file

First of all, go to the link (
and download the Windows x86-64 executable installer. Refer the image attached below-

Step 2- Installing Python on windows

After downloading the executable file create a folder in C drive of your computer and locate the downloaded file. Double click on the downloaded executable file and you will see a pop up appearing on the screen-

You will see that Add Python 3.5 to PATH is unchecked. So, mark it checked first and click on the Custom Installation. After clicking you will see a pop up like this-

Make sure that in this pop up all must be checked except for all users as this will also install the pip in your system and pip is used to install the modules for python using the command prompt. Click on the next button after checking all this-

Now, this popup is the most important part of installation process. You will see that in the checklist last three are unchecked and there is some other path in the custom install location section. So, browse the location and set the path to the python folder you have created initially. Ans also mark the unchecked to checked as shown in the image above. When you will click on the install it will start installing Python 3.5.2(64-bit) in your system.

When the installation is finished you can check whether it is installed correctly or not.

How to check whether python is installed correctly or not?

Simply open command prompt and type python and it will show the installation details as shown in the image below-

If you can see this in your screen then congratulations, You have successfully installed Python 3.5.2(64-bit) in your system. Get ready to learn some amazing stuff you can make using Python.

If there is an error please let me know through comments.

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