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Sunday, 5 March 2017

How to retrieve your saved password from any website

This generally happens with all of us.We save our password of websites in our browser and forget it later.
Although when we open that website we don't need to enter the password.But if we want to know what is the password we see only ( ......... ) in our password section even after we logout from our dashboard.

It is very easy to find these password.Follow the steps given below-
  • Open the login section of the website whose password you want to retrieve.Suppose we are retrieving the password of facebook.If password is saved you will not get login window, so logout from your account and you will see a window like this-                                                                            

  • Take the cursor on password block and then right-click on the password block and you will see an Inspect element section click on that.You will see window like this-  
  • We can see the highlighted line in blue that is-


    you can see that there is type="password"  this is the reason you are seeing (........) in password block.
  • Click on the type section and it will be editable.Now change the password to text and press enter button and you will that your password os appearing in your password window-
  • Congratulations now you know your password.

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