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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How to create pages in your blogspot blog.

First of all open your blogger dashboard and go to new post tab and click on it  then see at the right side you will see a labels tab click on it and you will see-                                                      

type the name of your page which you want to create in your blog and then click on done tab.                         After doing this go to your home page and click on layout you will see add a gadget tab  click on it and add   pages this gadget where you want to do.then click on edit link-                                                   

and you will see given tab in your screen-                                                                                                        
click on the +add external link and you will get-                                                                                             
type the name of your page and go to next block and type the following link-                                    code)

then click on save link.and open your blog you will see the page in your blog.                                               

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